Simple Tips For Cutting Back On School Expenses.

by Fox Symes April 8, 2014

Going to school and getting a great education is a sure fire way to improve your chances of finding a well-paid, satisfying job. But education these days isn’t cheap. Apart from course fees, there are lots of other additional costs you’ll need to take in account, such as books, uniforms, and general school supplies. But [ read more... ]

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Simple Home Cleaning Tips To Save Money & The Environment.

by Fox Symes March 31, 2014

Cleaning our homes need not cost us an arm or a leg. Nor should it negatively affect the environment. There are a number of ways you can clean your home effectively, without recourse to expensive and harsh chemicals. Indeed, sometimes we don’t need to venture outside our kitchen to find effective home cleaning solutions. There [ read more... ]

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Motivational Tips To Stick With Your Weekly Budget.

by Fox Symes March 24, 2014

Creating a budget is easy; sticking to it is a whole other matter. Unfortunately, too many of us drop the ball when it comes to our weekly budgets, and this can land us in hot financial water. There are, however, some ways you can stay disciplined and motivated throughout the week to help you stay [ read more... ]

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How to Stop Your Vices From Sending You Broke.

by Fox Symes March 19, 2014

We all like to have a good time, and we all like to consume our favourite foods and drinks. However, there may come a time when such behaviour seriously impinges on our financial situation. And it’s at this time when we may need to take a step back and evaluate whether our vices are sending [ read more... ]

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Are You Teaching Your Children Bad Financial Habits?

by Fox Symes March 12, 2014

Are You Teaching Your Children Bad Financial Habits? It’s important that you teach your children good financial habits as early as possible. This will help to ensure they have a stable and secure financial future well throughout their teenage and adult years. If you’re concerned that you may not be the best role model for [ read more... ]

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