Simple Home Cleaning Tips To Save Money & The Environment.

by Fox Symes March 31, 2014

Cleaning our homes need not cost us an arm or a leg. Nor should it negatively affect the environment. There are a number of ways you can clean your home effectively, without recourse to expensive and harsh chemicals. Indeed, sometimes we don’t need to venture outside our kitchen to find effective home cleaning solutions. There [ read more... ]

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Are You Teaching Your Children Bad Financial Habits?

by Fox Symes March 12, 2014

Are You Teaching Your Children Bad Financial Habits? It’s important that you teach your children good financial habits as early as possible. This will help to ensure they have a stable and secure financial future well throughout their teenage and adult years. If you’re concerned that you may not be the best role model for [ read more... ]

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Simple Strategies to Prioritise your Debt Repayments

by Fox Symes March 6, 2014

Are you currently surrounded by a swarm of leaflets, receipts and monthly accounts, reflecting the itches and pressures of the New Year and Christmas season? You’re not alone. Right now, you may feel like you’ve been bitten by an impossible task and the totals are beyond anything you can take a chunk out of without [ read more... ]

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How to Persuade your Partner to Seek Debt Help

by Fox Symes February 18, 2014

Debt isn’t the easiest subject to broach, as your mortgage continues to struggle against an unpredictable storm of payments, excuses and meandering conversations. In fact, most of us avoid the topic of money with ourselves, let alone our partners, preferring to tread water as the lightning of a fourth warning crackles overhead. It’s not your [ read more... ]

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The 4 Habits of Debt Free Individuals

by Fox Symes February 11, 2014

Do you have a friend who always seems to be on top of the world, completely free from debt and able to save money, buy investment properties and maintain a flashy car, without breaking a sweat or the nine-to-five work day mould? Their life seems perfect, you muse, as they regale you with stories of [ read more... ]

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