Debt Free in 2014; How to Kick your Year off on the Right Foot

by Fox Symes February 3, 2014

2013 has passed, departing with a flourish of fireworks, washing away past mistakes and granting a fresh outlook. Instead of making resolutions to keep your body in tip-top shape (although we highly recommend an active lifestyle), make sure you dedicate a little thought to the state of your finances, pondering the question how can I [ read more... ]

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3 Tips for Minimising your Energy Costs this Summer

by Fox Symes January 29, 2014

Summer has landed. The daylight hours are travelling into the hot and sticky zones faster than an ice-cream melts in the sun, leaving many of us restless and desperate to feel the comfort of a cooling system or the sandy breaks of our local beaches. Although diving into the sapphire depths every day sounds incredibly [ read more... ]

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3 Financial Lessons we can Learn from our Grandparents

by Fox Symes January 24, 2014

As 2014 knocks on the door and the economy stands in flux between political opinion and the middling information of other relevant bodies, the New Year begs us to look at our spending habits and apply a measure of control. While it’s hard to imagine Australia fifty to seventy years ago for those who weren’t [ read more... ]

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How To Develop a Simple Savings Plan Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle

by Fox Symes December 11, 2013

Credit cards are fantastic creations of momentary financial independence; of course, if you have a handle on your expenditures, the end of month accounts needn’t be a nightmare to be avoided. Big ticket purchases – cars, houses, holidays etc – are tempting candidates when a loan looms large and your goals become immediately accessible; while [ read more... ]

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Needs Vs. Wants – Finding the Right Balance in your Budget

by Fox Symes December 2, 2013

Budgeting is commonly considered a necessary evil, boring and limited, but essential to making ends meet at the conclusion of the working week. What you earn doesn’t always cover your expenses, particularly if you’ve been indulging in a dose of impulse buying or investing in a big ticket item. Buying things you want shouldn’t be [ read more... ]

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