Frugal Challenges to Set Yourself This Month

by Fox Symes on May 22, 2014

If you seriously need to save money, you need to get frugal. This means cutting out all the luxury items and really knuckling down on your spending. Why not set yourself a challenge for just one month and see how much money you can save in 30 days? Don’t buy anything you don’t need It [ read more... ]

The Real Consequences of Declaring Bankruptcy

by Fox Symes on December 19, 2013

When our finances tumble down around our ears and debt consolidation seems like a far-away fantasy, it feels rational to forsake the light at the end of the fiscal tunnel and declare bankruptcy. The slate is clean and your past is now firmly behind you, the debt collectors have moved onto another phone number and [ read more... ]

Declaring Bankruptcy

by Fox Symes on March 9, 2011

If you have exhausted all your options in trying to service debt and feel you are unable to control your debts and cannot negotiate a reasonable or suitable arrangement with your creditors, then bankruptcy may be your best option. In order to declare bankruptcy in Australia you will need to meet various criteria and disclose [ read more... ]