Cheap Easter Holiday Ideas for the Frugal Family

by Fox Symes on April 29, 2014

With the Easter holidays fast approaching, here are some family holiday ideas that will ensure you keep the kids entertained, stay within your budget and even get a bit of R&R yourself.

Explore your own backyard

Obviously the cheapest way to save over the Easter holidays is to stay at home. You might not think this sounds very enticing, but how well do you really know your town, city or even suburb? Take the opportunity to explore and find new parks, walking tracks, swimming holes, etc. How long has it been since you visited the local museum, planetarium or botanic gardens? Many of these places are free or cost very little to access.

Do day trips

Rather than packing your bags, heading off in a mad frenzy and getting stuck in Easter holiday traffic, why not do short day trips to activities and attractions closer to home? Talk to you kids and see what they’d like to do and come up with a fun holiday itinerary of trips.

Get back to nature

Camping is obviously the best way to have a family holiday on a shoestring. But what if you’re not the camping type? That’s ok, heard of ‘glamping’? Many camping and caravan parks now have up-market ‘tents’ or cabins which offer more creature comforts without the hotel room price-tag.

Holiday with friends or family

Renting a holiday house or large apartment with family or friends can be a great way to reduce your accommodation bills. You can also reduce your workload and holiday costs by sharing grocery shopping and cooking.

Last minute deals

Search online for ‘last minute holidays’ and see how many results come up. In order to fill last minute cancellations over peak holiday periods, hotels and motels will offer rooms and packages at reduced rates. Various websites connect you directly with these accommodation providers and the opportunity to save a bundle.

Plan for next year

You you might not be able to afford to go away over the Easter break this year, but start looking at ways you can organise your finances so you can next year. If bills and debts are becoming unmanageable and really affecting your lifestyle choices, talk to an expert like Fox Symes.

Everybody is feeling the pinch at the moment. However times like this give us the opportunity to assess our spending habits and to focus on what’s really important. You don’t need to take your kids to expensive holiday resorts and theme parks to have fun when they’re off school. For the most part, they’ll be happy just to spend time with you. Besides, there are so many cheap holiday choices available, just think outside the square a little or try something you’ve never done before. Living and holidaying frugally is about getting back to basics. Apart from saving money, you’ll hopefully also get the chance to truly connect and enjoy the time with your kids.

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