How to Turn your Unwanted Christmas Gifts into Cash

by Fox Symes on February 24, 2014

Christmas. The jingle belling, tinsel tossing, present preening financial blow out concluding every working year, bringing families together and feeding hardy, annual appetites full of turkey, seafood and ham. Sadly, despite the thought that may or may not have been attached to your fifth pair of socks from Grandma, or the iTunes gift card from your unimpressed brother (who knows very well you’re a Spotify fan), re-gifting or selling the proceeds of your yuletide festivities is a feasible solution to a bigger problem. Your debts. Now, it may sound churlish to deposit expertly extracted cash into your gaping debt accounts, but think about the money you’ll save in 2014; the seam of minimums finally overcome, cash transforming into constructive payments and a tight, strangling grasp relieved, as interest becomes a forgotten word. Imagine. Unwanted Christmas gifts can change your life and your financial standing. Better than a bundle of socks.

Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD

You’re probably familiar with eBay, Gumtree and Snap and Grab sites, online market places where everyday people can ply their wares and enjoy a monetary return in exchange for ten minutes of cultivating a convincing sales ad. Ebay is great for immediate or urgent sales, think concert tickets and the like; nationwide, thousands of people use the sales giant, snapping up bargains and watching lusted after products, getting an idea of what to sell their own for. We suggest you do the same; think of it as voyeuristic research; you never know, you may find something you absolutely love in the process or more selling opportunities. Target your ad toward a certain audience, using engaging and illustrative language to stoke their excitement; you may be competing with similar sellers. Include pictures, lots of pictures, detailed descriptions, payment options and delivery fees.

I’ll Take That

If you can’t quite stomach selling a gift from a loved one, perhaps swapping it for something that will sell well (and you have no emotional attachment to, no matter how misguided) could relieve the guilty pinch of tension currently invading your stomach. Sites like Gift Card Converter or Swap It allow dissatisfied recipients to barter away their unwanted goods, playing on the expression, one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Make sure you select something that will be admired and coveted by a wide audience, improving your sales chances and bringing in a hefty return.

Pay It Forward

There is another option, beyond capitalising on a relatives inability to gift you something you like; if your present is still packaged well and you haven’t thrashed it in protest, donate it to a charity shop and change somebody else’s life for the better. No, there’s no financial benefit here for you to enjoy, just the warm, fuzzing feeling of contributing a shred of happiness and good will to someone for whom hope is just another fictional word used by those who don’t know better. Spread a little cheer and become Santa Claus!
Have you been stung by an inappropriate gift, a present you can’t stand or a parcel you’d rather throw out the window this Christmas? You’re not alone. If you have any re-gifting advice for your fellow readers, or find the very idea of exchanging gifts for cash repugnant, join the conversation below!

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