3 Tips for Minimising your Energy Costs this Summer

by Fox Symes on January 29, 2014

Summer has landed. The daylight hours are travelling into the hot and sticky zones faster than an ice-cream melts in the sun, leaving many of us restless and desperate to feel the comfort of a cooling system or the sandy breaks of our local beaches. Although diving into the sapphire depths every day sounds incredibly tempting, it’s probably not the safest idea to camp out in the water all of the time – you eventually must emerge and go home, sweltering all the way. Electricity bills are the enemy of extremes, reaching new levels of monetary extortion, delivered neatly and occasionally, quite unexpectedly in the form of a paper bill or an email dump. Keeping yourself in the green is always difficult, and the sky-rocketing prices of utilities and service don’t do anything to alleviate the pressure. What can one do to reduce the costs of summer on the metre box? Find out below.

Shop Around

Most of you have been with your providers for years, even when you move, preferring to stick with the road often taken, over chancing a term with a devil you don’t know – It stands to reason they’re all the same, legitimised bank robbers with questionable rates and a billing system that can only be described as uncommunicative blather. Instead of spending hours on the phone, riding the call centre carousel and allowing your frustrations to mount, hop online and use one of the many free comparison services. You might have to experiment with a couple of different websites, as some are better than others. Your end goal? Save money, save time and quell the red dyed notices filling your letter box or inbox.

Air-conditioner Vs Fan

Ah, the two titans clash. Nobody can deny the comparative relief an air-con unit brings to a room, particularly when the windows haven’t been opened for months or traffic is backed up beyond stupidity, leading to hours sitting in a jam, several hundred metres away from your exit. Air-conditioning units, however, add a significant charge to your energy account, no matter the design, age or model. Efficient does not mean free, clean does not mean environmentally friendly and comfort shouldn’t send your repayment plans into a spin. The faithful ceiling and pedestal fan remain two of your biggest allies in the summer months, attracting a meagre charge while circulating stagnant air; true, they lack the capability of a conditioner or purifier to really fill a room with cold air, but why desensitise yourself completely to the season? It’s hot. It’s balmy. Enjoy it!

Stay Ahead

Now this may sound like a left-field idea – Stay ahead in your electricity payments. Every time a new account rolls in (assuming you’re happy to stay put with your supplier), pay a hundred dollars extra to keep up with the field. After a year of this over-paying (and budgeting for over-paying), you’ll have a considerable kitty to play with in case of emergencies, a job loss or a pay cut. After all, you don’t want to be bothered, sweating and without power during summer one year, if the sweat from your brow isn’t enough to make ends meet – be strategic, even during holiday season!
Do you have any money saving tricks up your sleeve this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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