3 Apps to Help You Keep Track of Your Spending

by Fox Symes on October 24, 2013

Do you lead a busy life? It’s difficult to find the time to sit down and go through your finances, highlighting potential saving points and any excess spending; many of us balance our social life with an increasing digitised availability – you’re always thinking, always waiting, always connected and without realising it, you’ve spent more than you can afford. Sometimes because you want to, sometimes because you have to, but the fact of the matter is, once debt is established, it’s like a cancer. Are you suffering from a zealous spending habit? Does a treat here and there end up slamming your savings? Yes? Jump on the app bandwagon and take control of your finances!

Track My Spend – Available on iPhone and Android
Price: Free
You will really like this app, even if you’re allergic to the word budget. Track My Spend allows you to review your spending habits according to categories, further separating data into needs and wants, allowing you to measure possible savings if you decide to cut down. If you like a challenge, set a spending limit and see if you can commit to it for a week; a helpful tracking graphic will allow you to see how you’re holding up against your self-imposed budget.

Other Cool Features:
• A favourites segment for regular expenses, like rent and groceries.
• An honest history of your spending habits and the ability to export this data in a CSV sheet.
• Automatic backup.
• Cross platform functionality; this app can be synced and accessed from any device.

MoneySmart Financial Calculator – Available on iPhone and Android
Price: Free
Many people, just like you, can attest to the reliability and simplicity of MoneySmart, offering a no-nonsense app to those who don’t like to categorise things or paint their financial life by numbers. ASIC has formulated a smart calculator with a tiered functionality. If you decide to go with this financial calculator, you’ll be unlocking a trove of goodies, including:
• Savings Calculator – Get an idea how quickly you can achieve a specific amount of money.
• Loans – Instant information regarding the repayments on a personal loan. This is great if you’re shopping around for a car or home loan.
• Mortgages – Hoping to become a home owner? Great! The mortgage calculator will produce instant information regarding repayments; don’t forget to factor in interest rates and their fickle nature!
• Superannuation – Start planning for the future and figure out how much super you’ll have in your back pocket come retirement.

Home Budget With Sync – Available on iPhone and Android
Price: $6.00
While free is king in the world of apps, Home Budget Sync is fast emerging in the market as a defined favourite. This is great for those who collaborate with their partners and families over budgets, especially shared expenses; the cost platform functionality also gives it a boost, accessible via desktop, phone and tablet. There are too many features to list, spanning several categories, including:
• Expenses
• Income
• Bills
• Categories and Budget
• Accounts
• Reports
• Family Sync
Though similar apps attempt to do the same thing, the added feature of visual data helps you to quickly ascertain half-yearly trends and budget holes, as not everybody enjoys crunching the numbers. After you’ve finished, you can then export any relevant images via email or WiFi.
And now it is your turn! Do you have any favourite budget savvy apps you can’t live without?

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