6 Tips for Saving Money on the Weekly Shopping Bill

by Fox Symes on April 23, 2013

As the cost of living continues to rise, many people are looking for extra ways to save. The weekly shopping is often a neglected part of the budget, yet you can easily cut your bill in half if you know where to look. Here are 6 top tips for saving money on your weekly shopping.

Plan Your Meals

Sit down and work out exactly what you want to make for the weekly meals. If you have this organised before you get to the shops, you are far more likely to only get what you came for. There are a range of great recipes online aimed at providing delicious meals for the budget conscious buyer. Not only will these save money, but they are often a lot healthier than what you may be tempted by in the aisles.

Stick to the List

Once you’ve planned your meals, you can write a comprehensive list of everything that you need for the week. Making additional purchases will be tempting, but stick to list and enjoy the satisfaction of saving on your shopping bill.

Buy in Bulk

If you have the room for storage, buying in bulk can be a great way to make huge savings on expensive items. Meat is one of the biggest expenses in the weekly shop, so see if there is a wholesale butcher in your area. Even if you have to travel a little to get there, you can stock up your freezer with premium quality meat at less than half the price of supermarkets.

Market Fare

For fresh fruit and vegetables, local markets are the way to go. Not only do you get to buy straight from the producer, but the prices beat the supermarkets for fresher and tastier goods. You can also pick up free range eggs, dairy milk, fresh baked bread and other items such as sauces and condiments at a fraction of the price you would pay in store. A weekly trip to the market is a fun way to do the shopping without paying exorbitant supermarket prices.

In Season Savings

Stick to produce that is currently in season for serious savings on your shopping bill. Whenever fruit or vegies aren’t in season, you can expect to pay up to double to usual price or more.

Try Non-Branded Goods

From toiletries and cleaning products to packaged goods, all too often people are enticed into buying premium brands based on advertising. For one week, try buying the ‘no frills’ or non-branded items across your shopping list and see the difference for yourself. Often, there is no justifiable reason to pay up to three times the price for a similar product, which is more expensive simply due to better marketing.

These simple tips are great ways to help you save money on your weekly shopping. Reducing your bill by over half can be easily achieved if you keep these in mind every time you shop. As a final pointer, remember not to do your grocery shopping when hungry, it’s a recipe for serious overspending!

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