5 Great Budget Holiday Destinations for 2013

by Fox Symes on February 27, 2013

Most people are beginning to settle into work mode after the Christmas and New Year period which may have entailed lengthy and enjoyable holiday experiences. With 2013 now well under way, you may have your next holiday destination somewhere in the back of your mind. If you are contemplating another holiday throughout the year or end of year, it may not be too early to start considering destination points.

It may be worthwhile to consider a domestic holiday, staying within Australia. Here you will be able to avoid costly flights, travel insurance expenses and the burden of currency exchange. Staying in your home country is generally much more affordable and avoids the hassle that travelling overseas involves. If you are trying to minimise your debts but still desire travelling, this may be the best option. Therefore here are 5 great destination hot spots to stick within your budget:

Gold Coast

Regardless of where you live within Australia, the Gold Coast is always one of the more desired destinations for holidays. Whether you are travelling solo, as a couple or a family, the Gold Coast has something to offer every demographic. With over 70km of pristine beaches, unique and scenic hinterland, countless theme parks and an abundance of entertainment and attractions, the Gold Coast is one of the most prominent destinations in Australia. You can manage to visit the Gold Coast on a budget, as you have various options for transport, accommodation and things to do.

Byron Bay

If you are looking for a more laid back and relaxing holiday, Byron Bay may be the answer. Depending on where you’re coming from, you may have to do a little driving from either Brisbane or the Gold Coast. However once you get there, you’ll enjoy the picturesque landscape and beaches that Byron endures. The nightlife is more relaxed and people tend to spend more of their time relaxing on the beach than anything else. The only real cost would be getting there and the cost of the hotel or apartment.


If you are looking for a cheaper holiday that still feels somewhat like an international holiday, consider visiting Cairns. Situated in far north Queensland, Cairns features an abundance of affordable sites and attractions that will appeal to everyone. Visit the Great Barrier Reef or the rainforest and explore the endless activities within these tropical areas.


As soon as big cities are listed, people become cautious of the cost. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore as you can stay in the inner city suburbs, opposed to the CBD. There is an array of 3, 4 star hotels and even apartments or motels which make accommodation much more affordable. From here you can visit all your favourite landmarks and sport games. Flights to Melbourne are relatively competitive today as there are numerous airlines to choose from.

Take a Cruise

This option is a little off topic and may contain some international travel. However cruises are much more affordable then travelling off overseas on your own accord as you avoid the flight costs and excess travel arrangements. You’ll be sure to experience a variety of tropical and international destinations while enjoying the luxurious cruise ship amenities. Depending on the time of year, cruises are a very affordable holiday option.

If you still want to enjoy holidays and exquisite destinations but are concerned about your finances, consider any of these 5 ideas. You’ll be sure to save money and have the trip of a lifetime in the meantime. If you are concerned about your finances and increasing debts, consider contacting professionals for advice, such as Fox Symes, to determine if holidaying in 2013 is really an affordable option.

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