7 Simple Back to School Savings Tips

by Fox Symes on January 30, 2013

Back to school savings tips

A new year brings many new opportunities. However the new year also brings many expenses. The beginning of a school year can be quite costly for parents and depending on how many children you have attending school, this can really affect your bank account in a negative way. There are numerous cost-effective ways to help minimise back to school expenses both upfront and throughout the school year. We have provided 7 tips to help reduce these expenses and if they are conducted correctly, they will make sending the kids back to school more affordable.

Recycle Previous Books

It isn’t necessary to buy new school books every year. If the kids have any unused space in their previous books you can simply remove the pages already used and re-use that same book for the new semester. You can simply re-cover the books with contact adhesive paper to remove any writing or damage from the outside of the book.

Re-use Previous Supplies

There is no need to buy brand new supplies every year. Chances are there is still enough ink in the pens or enough lead in the pencils your kids currently have from the previous school year. They can re-use the same pencil case, books, bags and lunch boxes (amongst other supplies) from the previous year. Unless they actually require replacement, this is a cost-effective method.

Pack Lunches

The school canteen is a lunch favourite for the kids however not cost-effective for the parents. It is far more affordable and nutritious to pack their lunches for them. Here you have some control over what your kids are eating at school opposed to giving them money to buy from the canteen.

Buy Second Hand Uniforms

Most schools will provide new and second hand uniform options. First, you only need to buy clothes once they have outgrown their current ones. Don’t purchase [add word space] uniforms each year; allow them to continue to wear their uniforms until they outgrow them. Secondly, you don’t have to purchase new uniforms, be sure to check out the range of second hand clothes as they can be half the price and in very good condition.

Sell Current Outgrown Uniforms Back to the School

Once they have outgrown their old school clothes and you have purchased relative second hand uniforms from the school or friends, you should be able to sell any of the old school clothes your kids have outgrown that are re-useable. This may balance out cost-wise between buying and selling school uniforms.

Shop Smart

You don’t necessarily have to shop at expensive outlets for school supplies; shop for required school supplies at the more affordable bulk-buying and thrift stores. You may not generally shop in such outlets, however most school supplies will be the same between the dollar saving stores and general newsagents and shopping outlets. After all, a pencil is a pencil and a notepad is a notepad.

Label All Your Kids School Items

It may be worthwhile to label all your kids school items with their name and class. Kids are notorious for losing things and if they turn up in lost and found unmarked, chances are you won’t get them back. Be sure to label your kids clothes, bag, lunchbox and other relative items to ensure they can be returned if found.

Following these tips will ensure that back to school will be more affordable than you originally thought. You may not agree with all of them, however following a couple of them will allow you to avoid some unnecessary spending during the back to school period.

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