5 Popular New Year’s Resolutions and How to Make Them Happen

by Fox Symes on January 24, 2013

Another eventful year has concluded and come January 1st most people tend to have developed a number of New Year’s resolutions that they initially intend on achieving. The reality is that most people’s resolutions generally are unachievable or they aren’t motivated enough to strive toward their desired outcome. Rather than just impulsively coming up with unrealistic resolutions that you think would change your life for the better in some way, try develop one or two goals that are achievable through hard work and determination that delivers a positive end result that will in some way improve your life. Here are 5 common New Year’s resolutions with a little information on how to accomplish them.

Lose Weight

More commonly a goal set by women, the occasional male will also add this to his list of things to achieve in the new year. This doesn’t necessarily have to be weight loss as such, it could also include similar outcomes such as getting fit and improving body definition. In order to achieve this, the first step is to join a reputable gym. Gym facilities provide more equipment required than you could possibly have at home. Hire a personal trainer to help you establish a suitable action plan for workouts and diets that will deliver expected results. People assume that you need to attend the gym every day to acquire the body you desire, this is not the case anymore. If you develop a suitable action plan and stick to it, the results will come. Be sure to avoid fast food and skipping workouts as you’ll only deny yourself from favoured outcomes.

Develop Stronger Relationships with Family & Friends

Everyday life delivers many tasks and challenges. The common thing that gets pushed aside is visiting those important friends and family. The common expression ‘I’ll visit them next week’ occurs so often that 6 months have passed and you still haven’t done so. If you want to strengthen relationships with people that are valuable to you, set aside a time on a weekly or fortnightly basis to see them. Commonly parents or close relatives, you could simply invite them for dinner or vice versa, this will allow you to see them without much inconvenience. It doesn’t take much to achieve this goal, it is one of the more realistic resolutions that can be set.

Make More Money

Everybody would ideally like to make more money. There are numerous possibilities that will allow you to earn more, however it takes more time and commitment. Depending on your lifestyle, the first solution will be to acquire a second job to work around your current employment status. This may not be achievable based on your home status with children etc., that’s why this is one of the harder resolutions to achieve. Rather than ‘making more money’ you could save money by avoiding unnecessary spending. Determine your weekly expenses and develop a budget to help minimise purchasing needless items. By sticking to this budget, you will save more money without having to take on more work.

Become Debt Free

This is a common resolution many people intend on achieving. By sticking to the budget you have previously set, you will be saving more money than originally. Therefore the extra money you are saving can be put aside to pay off your debts rather than unnecessary spending. Determine how much you are saving on your new budget and allocate a set amount to your debts each week, this will reduce the amount of time you will have your unwanted debts. Cut up your credit cards as this will deny you access to lines of credit. If you require your credit cards, switch to lower interest rate plans.

Quit Smoking / Drinking

These unhealthy habits are somewhat tough to eliminate. It all begins with a positive mindset and the will to achieve this. There are numerous helplines to get you started and common tactics to help you quit. Research reputable sources for relevant information and seek assistance and support where necessary. Close family and friends will support and motivate you to achieve this difficult task. It won’t be easy but making the first step will see you on your way to becoming a non-smoker and non-drinker.

These 5 New Year’s resolutions tend to be popular among most people and taking the first step to achieving these in the coming year is crucial. There is no point is setting resolutions if they are unachievable or you don’t have the mindset to achieving them. Be positive and set SMART resolutions to take into the year ahead. The rest is up to you.

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